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Short Sales

Short Sales in 2024? Wondering about the resurgence of short sales in today's market? In this video, we dive into what exactly a short sale entails and why we're seeing them reappear. A short sale

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Short Sales in 2024?

Are Short Sales returning?  A Short Sale is a term that you may not have heard during the last 10+ years but under current market conditions we are starting to see a few of them come on the

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2023...Not How We Would Have Planned It

My cousin asked me over the holiday how the real estate market is doing. My response was, “How much time do you have?” 2023 was a challenging year that required a breadth of knowledge to

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Real Estate Industry Update

October 31, 2023 proved to be scary for the residential real estate market with the judgment against the National Association of REALTORS® and their co-defendants. But like most scary things,

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