E1 - The Real Story with Adam and Sherry
Our Origin Story
Do you know our origin story?  Check out our first podcast to find out how we met, what capes we wear, why we work so well together, and what’s specifically in our partnership agreement?


E2 - The Real Story with Adam and Sherry
Hard Times
How do we overcome challenges in the context of Real Estate? In today’s podcast we discuss how we approach hard times, how we nurture our clients, and what we think our role in the real estate process is. 
Creativity, experience, a positive attitude, and a consistent relationship with our clients helped us to navigate the pandemic, the following years, and a downturn in the market. When you are ready to buy or sell your home we’re here to help you reach your real estate goals.


E3 - The Real Story with Adam and Sherry
Proposition 19
Prop 19- what is it and how does it relate to your property tax basis? In today’s podcast we discuss Prop 19, a tax base relief program in California, designed to help property owners who qualify.
So, who qualifies and how does it help? Primarily, if you are 55+ and you buy a home equal to or less than the home you are selling you can take advantage of Prop 19 and transfer your tax base from your primary residence to a replacement residence in any county in the state of California. If you are feeling handcuffed to a property because of taxes, give us a call, there may be options you are unaware of. 


E4 - The Real Story with Adam and Sherry
Short Sales
Short Sales in 2024?
Wondering about the resurgence of short sales in today's market? In this video, we dive into what exactly a short sale entails and why we're seeing them reappear. A short sale occurs when a homeowner, facing financial hardship, sells their property for less than what they owe on the mortgage—a common scenario during declining home values.
For homeowners struggling to meet mortgage obligations, a short sale can offer relief from foreclosure and minimize credit score impact, even avoiding potential tax consequences. 
Got questions? We're here to help! Reach out to learn more about short sales and find the best solution for your situation. 


E5 -The Real Story with Adam and Sherry
Is 6% Commission Dead & other Rumors (NAR Settlement)
NAR proposed settlement creates a lot of misinformation and shocking headlines. Listen as we debunk half truths from the national media and give buyers and sellers some idea about how it will affect them and commissions in the future if the court and the DOJ approve the agreement.